Vision for Holland

Time for Change

Sustainable Housing

Sustainable housing- for all walks of life- is a pressing concern in Holland. If we wish to continue to grow as a community we need to have affordable, sustainable housing options for our work force to choose from, as well as those who may be facing a lack of housing or may be on a fixed or single income. No one should struggle with finding a safe place to live in our city.


Ensuring that we, as a city, are promoting inclusivity and not exclusivity is vital as Holland continues to grow and change. Holland is no longer just the dutch; it is a vibrant, growing community that is diverse.

Environmental Stewardship

Holland has done some great work to keep the city one of the best places to live in America, but our work is not done! In order to ensure that the world we leave behind for our children, and their children, and their children's children we need to continue to focus our efforts on environmental stewardship through recycling and reducing our carbon footprint personally.

Community through Connecting

We can continue to build a strong community only by continuing to connect personally with one another. Everyone in Holland has the same basic desires; to have a safe place to live and have families, greater educational opportunities, and the ability to live above their means. By working together to combat the prior listed issues we can create a better Holland- for the leaders of tomorrow that we are creating today.