Be the change you wish to see in the world.        - Mahatma Gandhi

Belinda Coronado is a long-term, active member of the Holland community. Having lived in the area for the last 31 years, she is well-known for her participation in volunteer work, and her active role civically. She has 3 adult children, 3 self-adopted foreign exchange children from Germany, Belgium, and Moldova, and a grand-daughter. Belinda also is an animal lover who has 3 rescue fur baes and 2 grand-pups. 

Belinda is originally from Joliet, Illinois and has a bachelors degree from GVSU in Liberal Studies, as well as an associates degree in Criminal Justice from GRCC. She is bi-lingual, and has been actively involved- and recognized- in serving the Mexican-American, LBGQT, Women's Rights, and Veteren communities within West Michigan. 

Since moving to Holland she has embraced its unique heritage and dutch traditions. Belinda loves the beautiful colored tulipanes (especially the purples one) that bloom each spring, the Cinco de Mayo fiesta, the beaches of lake Michigan, and the bond the city has with its sister city, Queretaro, Mexico. 

Belinda believes that together, we can continue to ensure that Holland continues to flourish like the tulips that are planted each year. She promises to roll up her sleeves, get her boots on the ground, and proactively create just outcomes for all of Holland's citizens.