A Message from Belinda

It's time for change!

I threw my name into the hat for city council because I fell in love with Holland and it has become the HOME I set out to find 31 years ago.  It’s simple- I am public service.  I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and serve; I did for years in the U.S. Army.  I am invested in our community as a long-term city homeowner, mother, grandmother, and public servant. The core of who I am reflects my cemented Army values of selfless service- which drives my passion for public service-that’s why I am on the ballot. I welcome the opportunity to be a proactive council member working hard so that HOLLAND continues to flourish like the tulips.

Together, I believe that we, the residents and city council, can and will work towards creating affordable housing for all- those on fixed incomes, such as our senior citizens, single income households, as well as those residents without permanent housing.  No person should have to choose between buying medicine, or food, and not being able to pay rent. Together we will show, by example, that Holland is an ALL inclusive and inviting place to live. So regardless of if you have lived here for generations like myself, or just moved here, we can continue together to make Holland that inclusive and equitable place to live.

I want to encourage residents to actively grab a seat at the table- there is room for Citizens to partner with city council and your LOCAL government. YOUR VOICE SHOULD BE HEARD.  YOUR VOICE IS YOUR VOTE. I believe you and I, partnering with the city council, can create ways to improve our city for the leaders of mañana. 


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We are Holland! 

Election held on 11/2/21


231 w. 17th Street


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